CCTV (Closed Circuit TV cameras) are everywhere these days. With around 4.2 million surveillance cameras in action throughout Britain it is officially the most monitored country in the world.

Spending 78% of its crime prevention budget on CCTV systems over the last decade, the Home Office has been relying heavily on these security cameras to both prevent and solve crimes.

CCTV can also be used to monitor vulnerable people in nursing homes and in industrial settings it may be used to monitor specific areas to ensure everything within the setting is running smoothly.

At Anthony Pease Electrical we can install a full range of CCTV systems to provide solutions to any setting.

In this day and age most CCTV footage is stored on a digital hard drive that can be backed up on to a DVD disc for record keeping. You can even have access to your CCTV and footage from any computer around the world. There is a wide range of cameras and systems to suit all conditions/situations.

Please remember a CCTV system doesn't have to be expensive!

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